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Inspired by the Cynic Diogenes (412-323 BC), this play is not a musical but a wicked satire on contemporary consumerism. 

Doig, has fallen from grace and sunk into a deep depression. 

His sister wants him to move on with his life and out of her spare room, so she employs a life coach to revitalize him. 

The coaching works, but with unexpected consequences. 

Casting off all his worldly possessions, Doig embarks on a crusade of non-consumerism, but his non-consumerism message soon becomes a successful brand and he descends into madness.

“Utterly bonkers but quite brilliant”

Time Out ~ Critics’ Choice and Show of the Week.


A richly allegorical comedy set in a storybook world.

Three innately honest Teddy Bears witness a very disturbing picnic in the woods. Telling the authorities the whole truth about what transpired with a Well-Connected Clown, could have them hanged the bears seek guidance in the art of lying from a weird doll.


“..Gleefully Bizarre...masterfully realized black comedy...unquestionably a feast.”

Time Out. Critics’ Choice.


“…it inspires us to question how often we tell ourselves the truth, how easily the truth can be manipulated, and even whether we can identify truth.  Crucially, it reminds us that ‘…truth is always a story…

 Fourth Wall Magazine

“It is an old maxim of mine that when you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” 

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Once again, his old maxim serves Holmes well as he and Watson investigate a murder seemingly committed by an invisible perpetrator.  They encounter impossible suspects, impossible ghosts, …shameful Victorian injustices…and the fearsome ‘Invisible Thing’.

 “…a witty and original take on literature’s greatest sleuth sensation”

The Upcoming

…it is a very, very good tribute and an excellent stand alone play


Some fools sell their soul to the Devil, other fools sell them to Eric.

Delightful farcical comedy set on a Grecian beach.  In the name of research, aspiring novelist Eric has unwisely being buying souls. This is the territory of the Gods….so when Athena on a motorbike comes a-calling mayhem ensues as souls are bought and sold.

"Witty and clever new play explores the relationship between reality and fantasy.”  Everything Theatre

 “…beautifully written…This quirky play is not just an update, but instead skilfully distils recognisable parts of the classic stories into a contemporary fable   The Stage

Outlandish neo-western, which delves into mankind’s obsession with ownership.

Dogstar, a brooding stranger, sits sipping a glass of water in the saloon. He offers to pay for his water with a stone... At first ridiculed, the stone slowly starts to take on a value, until everyone desperately wants it.   Money talks…but only the greedy listen.

“Beautifully and intelligently’s a dark comedy that is not slapstick, but genuinely funny...The Upcoming.


“Dogstar is a glorious send up of the obsession with possession, capitalism and tradition.”

A unique satire about a leadership struggle in a herd of donkeys.

Montagu is not happy. Leaders of the herd keep getting assassinated and he’s just been made next leader. Now he is faced by two pressing issues that dominates the thinking of every new leader. “How can I stay in power” and “what will be my legacy?”

"…Perfectly balances comedy and philosophical discussion …sure to be a classic….Throughout, you’re posed with several questions and home truths about life. But only through the playful allegorical medium of a donkey herd can you see their true absurdity….. 

Arthur's Seat 

“Clever, surreal and very funny ...."

"... compelling, kitch-free morality play.” Time Out Critics’ choice.

It’s a world of ‘noir’ shadows, mean streets and gangster cats...where only one thing is really certain, cats, they ain’t known for their loyalty. Loyalty ain’t an asset.  Loyalty gets you killed.

Betrayed, the Beak Street Cat falls from power and embarks on a journey of revenge to seek out the cat, who ate his prize-fighting mouse...and track down the feline who betrayed him.


Inspired by the painting  "Sicilian Cats" by Ian Heath.

"This is a fine and powerful play that pulls no punches" 

Richmond Times


Inspired by Child’s Robin Hood Ballads. Written for Tacit Theatre.

It is a heady mix of traditional storytelling , music and stage combat.

“This irreverent romp through the Robin Hood legend is a fine alternative to traditional panto”  Time Out

Robin Hood’s reputation is put on trial. Wounded and held captive in a tavern,  customers argue as to whether to help the Outlaw or the Sherrif Ballads are re-enacted as they try to decided whether Robin Hood is a people's champion....or just a cold blooded killer.  

"A fresh and exciting take on a familiar tale that will ensure you never look at Robin Hood the same way again!"  Everything Theatre

A dark, surreal comedy.  Consider this. What if the negative voice in your head also had a negative voice in their head ? 

When still only an infant, Owen’s parents leave him with his unmarried aunt and head off to Kathmandu. They never return. Years later, Owen, his girlfriend, his aunt and her ex-fiancée all struggle with the repercussions.


Characters invade one another's mind. But are they really hearing the actual provocateur's voice in their head or have they each just constructed their own personal tormentor.​


….exquisitely structured, and utterly compelling.”  The Scotsman 

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